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Mobile Gaming has evolved a lot these past decades. It has kept us entertained ever since and has become quite mainstream. Games such as Flappy Bird, Temple Run, and Real Basketball are games that seemed to entertain the masses a lot more. They are light on storage, very popular, and, more importantly, fun! Octo is a mobile application that combines all of these favorite games into one. It is a mobile hub that contains games based on popular concepts that keep us entertained. The best part is, players have the potential to earn real-life rewards by just playing these games! The games are played in a multiplayer fashion. This means that each game you play is extremely competitive, which adds more to the appeal of the game. To enter the games, players are required to stake their Golds to play. But, don’t worry, because the Golds are 100% free, it’s the points used within Octo and players will never have to buy to get some Golds. Players are given 200 Golds upon signing up, and the exciting part is that you can double your Golds when you win a match! Now, what are the games you’d play, you ask? Well, let’s discuss the first three mini-games they have!


First on the list is Octo Jump. Octo jump is like a childhood game and brings back memories. If you guys have played Doodle Jump from an old Nokia, this game is similar. But instead of the old doodle character, you get an octopus in a space suit. As funny as it looks, the game lives up to the expectations. To play the game, players need to tilt their screen to allow the octopus in a spacesuit to get to the next platform; the higher you go, the higher your score is. The player who obtains the higher score wins the match and doubles his staked Gold. Sounds fun? We got more in store for you!


The second game is Octo Ninja. If you have ever played Fruit Ninja, this is exactly like that, only this time, you will slice sushi. Same mechanics as the previous game where you’ll be competing against another player, and the player with the most points wins. This type of game is a lot of fun and is a stress reliever for some. Unlike fruit ninja, where you play in a landscape format, Octo Ninja is a game played in a portrait format, which means it is easily playable with just one hand.


Since Flappy Bird was deleted from every store, many of us have been looking for a game with a similar concept. Luckily for us, Octo has us covered. They reproduced the concept and developed it in a way that makes it more interesting. Adding your opponent’s ghost while playing adds more pressure to players, making it more competitive and rewarding when you win. Even if your opponent loses, players get the chance to crush them even more by continuing to play and adding more to their humiliation. Too much? Let’s move on, shall we?

Octo is a convenient mobile application for someone looking for a fun game. It has a lot of games in it and will surely keep you entertained. Octo is moving into the web 3 platform, which means you can earn real-life rewards and crypto while having fun! The game has been installed on my phone for about a week now, and I would say that it is the best download I had so far! It is now available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Download it now so you, too, can have some fun!

For more information about Octo, check out their Website, Twitter, and Discord.

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