Sky Meta Partners with SparkWorld*

Sky Meta Partners with SparkWorld*

Another partnership between the two AVAX projects, Sky Meta and SparkWorld*, is set to make an impact on the GameFi community.

SparkWorld is an innovative platform that provides solutions to the problems of whitelisting, randomized minting, and pre-launch-NFT allocations.

Sky Meta is excited to welcome SparkWorld* to its long list of partners. Sky Meta sees SparkWorld* as a project that shares the same sentiment about the ever-growing GameFi community. Chris Tsun, the co-founder of Sky Meta, commented that this partnership will open new doors for user acquisition, higher community growth, and more technical iteration opportunities.

Co-CEO of SparkWorld* Jolyon Layard Horsfall is excited about the partnership, commenting: “We’re really excited about working with Sky Meta. We think that they are a project to work with because their NFT management SDK is a technology that the industry really needs. With both of our platforms working together, GameFi will be more accessible to a lot of people.”

SparkWorld* is an NFT platform and a Community Hub that facilitates Fair Prediction Launches (FPLs). FPLs are the core capability of the SparkWorld* platform. It brings fairness and equality to the distribution of NFTs through non-punitive prediction mechanisms. FPLs gamify mints by whitelisting users based on the accuracy of their predictions on various metrics around NFT launches. This innovation provides projects with a fair and seamless way for Projects to distribute NFTs and receive capital. At the same time, it also provides users with a fair and seamless way to predict and gain high yields and NFTs.

Complementing SparkWorld* in this partnership is Sky Meta. Sky Meta is a project that offers an NFT Management SDK (Software Development Kit), Guild Platform, and NFT Oracle. All of which are tools designed to help games, investors, and players with their operations and NFT management.

One of the partnership’s main priorities is to share deal flow of AVAX projects and their development. SparkWorld* will start referring their NFT gaming projects to use Sky Meta’s NFT Management SDK, or guild platform to expand their community and create new guilds within the game. Sky Meta will also support these projects in new game development and tool & service maintenance. Sky Meta’s NFT gaming projects will be shared with SparkWorld* for potential launch partnerships and support for NFT minting through their Fair Prediction Launches.

Both of these projects have a large community behind them. Following this partnership, active members of their community may expect more activities and community events such as AMA’s with games, guilds, and NFT projects. Also, Sky Meta and SparkWorld* may launch updates and announcements on their social media networks i.e. Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Medium. The Sky Meta team will also offer SparkWorld* additional promotional support for the key events of SparkWorld*.

The partnership between these two projects will help enhance and promote up-and-coming NFT games on the Avalanche platform. Sky Meta and SparkWorld* also give priority to further advance and innovate on the web 3 space. Advancing their technology further by sharing data and APIs, Sky Meta and SaprkWorld* hopes to give GameFi and NFT minting a much more user-friendly experience.

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